Relacyjnie struturalizowany umysł: Model teoretyczny

Katarzyna Stemplewska-Żakowicz , Bartosz Zalewski , Hubert Suszek , Edyta Fira-Krempa , Dorota Kobylińska


In the paper the theoretical model is presented that describes the details of architecture of the discursively structured mind. The model draws from Hermans’ (1999) theory of the dialogical self and Wertsch’s (1991) vision of mind as a “tool-kit” with socio-cultural instruments as well as from socio-cognitive approach in experimental psychology. An I-position is understood here as an active totality of experience that is shaped in a particular social context and represented in a separate representation module. There are many modules in the mind because in the course of socialisation the individual experiences many different social contexts. Each of these latent representation modules may be activated and then the individual is said to be taking a particular I-position. Cognitive-affective resources of an I-position being activated in a particular moment are more easily accessed than resources of other I-positions and this effect should be visible in several experimental measures such as reaction times and error rates.
Author Katarzyna Stemplewska-Żakowicz (Wydział Psychologii)
Katarzyna Stemplewska-Żakowicz,,
- Wydział Psychologii
, Bartosz Zalewski (Wydział Psychologii)
Bartosz Zalewski,,
- Wydział Psychologii
, Hubert Suszek
Hubert Suszek,,
, Edyta Fira-Krempa (Wydział Psychologii)
Edyta Fira-Krempa,,
- Wydział Psychologii
, Dorota Kobylińska (Wydział Psychologii)
Dorota Kobylińska,,
- Wydział Psychologii
Journal seriesPrzeglad Psychologiczny (The Review of Psychology. Official Journal of the Polish Psychological Association), ISSN 0048-5675, (C 10 pkt)
Issue year2009
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