ERP responses to facial affect and temperament types in Eysenckian and Strelauvian theories

Małgorzata Fajkowska , Anna Zagórska , Jan Strelau , Piotr Jaśkowski


Eysenck’s PEN and Strelau’s RTT theories are considered interrelated on the level of traits and translatable on the level of four ancient temperament types. However, they refer to different ways of regulation stimulation, by content (emotional and social) and by the formal (energetic and temporal) characteristics of activity, respectively. Thus, by indexing behavioral and cortical patterns of response, it was predicted that PEN- and RTT-relevant pairs of temperaments would be associated with specific attentional mechanisms. One week after administration of the FCB-TI and EPQ-R, subjects (260) performed the Emotional Go/No Go task while a 32-channel EEG was being recorded. They were instructed to respond to threatening, sad, or friendly faces, respectively, but not to any other facial expression. A range of ERP components responsive to facial stimuli were investigated. According to behavioral and cortical patterns of response, it was shown that PEN- and RTT-related pairs of temperament types were connected with effective functioning of the anterior and posterior attentional system, respectively. On the behavioral level, significant differences in attentional processing of facial affect were registered in PEN sanguines versus RTT sanguines and PEN melancholics versus RTT melancholics, while on the cortical level significant differences were registered in PEN melancholics versus RTT melancholics and PEN phlegmatics versus RTT phlegmatics. Given these results, the theoretical relations between the PEN and RTT – with particular respect to cognitive and cortical mechanisms underlying temperament types – are discussed.
Autor Małgorzata Fajkowska
Małgorzata Fajkowska
, Anna Zagórska
Anna Zagórska
, Jan Strelau (Wydział Psychologii)
Jan Strelau
- Wydział Psychologii
, Piotr Jaśkowski
Piotr Jaśkowski
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiJournal of Individual Differences, ISSN 1614-0001, (A 20 pkt)
Rok wydania2012
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych0.7
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimtemperament types, ERP's, facial stimuli, attentional processing
Klasyfikacja ASJC2803 Biological Psychiatry; 3200 General Psychology
Języken angielski
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