Salutary, pathogenic, and pathoplastic aspects of the Jehovah’s Witness culture

Igor Pietkiewicz


The aim of this study was to gather information about religious values, beliefs, and normative practices in the Jehovah’s Witness community to observe how these affect individual and family lives or well-being. Fifteen semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with 10 participants (six women and four men, aged between 19 and 62), who were active or former members of the community. Interview transcripts were analyzed together with the community’s official website contents and publications used for religious socialization, with Nvivo10, using the procedures of the constructivist grounded theory. Pathways for becoming a Jehovah’s Witness and numerous social norms are discussed in the paper with reference to their potentially salutogenic, pathogenic, or pathoplastic aspect. Special attention is paid to cultural shifts associated with conversion, expected acculturation styles, and the consequences of potential social exclusion when accepted norms are broken. It is claimed that understanding the culture of this specific religious group is crucial for healthcare providers, counselors and teachers who come into contact with community members in order to recognize risk factors and potential areas of conflict.
Autor Igor Pietkiewicz (Wydział Zamiejscowy w Katowicach)
Igor Pietkiewicz
- Wydział Zamiejscowy w Katowicach
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiJournal of Family Studies, ISSN 1322-9400, (A 15 pkt)
Rok wydania2014
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