Construction of suicidal ideation in medical records

Dariusz Galasiński , Justyna Ziółkowska


In this article, the authors are interested in exploring discursive transformation of patients’ stories of suicidal ideation into medical discourses. In other words, they focus on how the narrated experience of suicidal thoughts made during the psychiatric assessment interview is recorded in the patients’ medical record. The authors’ data come from recordings of psychiatric interviews, as well as the doctors’ notes in the medical records made after the interviews, collected in psychiatric hospitals in Poland. Assuming a constructionist view of discourse, they demonstrate that lived experience of suicide ideation resulting in stories of a complex and homogeneous group of “thoughts” is reduced to brief statements of fact of presence/existence. Exploration of the relationship between the interviews and the notes suggest a stark imposition of the medical gaze upon them. The authors end with arguments that discursive practices relegating lived experience from the focus of clinical practice deprives it of information which is meaningful and clinically significant.
Autor Dariusz Galasiński
Dariusz Galasiński
, Justyna Ziółkowska (Filia we Wrocławiu / II Wydział Psychologii we Wrocławiu)
Justyna Ziółkowska
- II Wydział Psychologii we Wrocławiu
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiDeath Studies, ISSN 0748-1187, (A 25 pkt)
Rok wydania2017
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Klasyfikacja ASJC1201 Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous); 3203 Clinical Psychology; 3204 Developmental and Educational Psychology
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