Morality and Competence in Shaping the Images of Political Leaders

Wojciech Cwalina , Andrzej Falkowski


Psychological models of forming impressions about other people assume that this process is strictly connected with social categorization. Therefore, it is clear that the results of many studies show that the evaluations of other people are based on two crucial and separable criteria: morality and competence. Obviously morality and competence are two fundamental and distinct dimensions of the perception of politicians. These dimensions substantially influence voters’ behavior toward politicians and are clearly visible both in the preelection polls as well as in the scientific analyses concerning forming the images of politicians. The evaluations of politicians on the morality and competence dimensions are central in forming the interpersonal attitudes in which the dominant elements are affect and respect toward the evaluated person. Consequently, affect and respect are crucial factors in establishing the support of candidates for political offices. The morality and competence dimensions trigger the causal structures in the voter's mind in which formed attitude creates affect and respect, which determine voting behavior.
Autor Wojciech Cwalina (Wydział Psychologii)
Wojciech Cwalina
- Wydział Psychologii
, Andrzej Falkowski (Wydział Psychologii)
Andrzej Falkowski
- Wydział Psychologii
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiJournal of Political Marketing, ISSN 1537-7857, e-ISSN 1537-7865, (0 pkt)
Rok wydania2016
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