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oecdx (OECD extended)
Name in Polish
nauki biologiczne
Name in English
biological sciences
Acronym in English
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Description in English
•  Cell biology, Microbiology; Virology; Biochemistry and molecular biology; Biochemical
research methods; Mycology; Biophysics;
•  Genetics and heredity (medical genetics to be 3); reproductive biology (medical aspects to be 3);
developmental biology;
•  Plant sciences, botany;
•  Zoology, Ornithology, Entomology, Behavioural sciences biology;
•  Marine biology, freshwater biology, limnology; Ecology; Biodiversity conservation;
•  Biology (theoretical, mathematical, thermal, cryobiology, biological rhythm), Evolutionary
biology; other biological topics;
Broader term
6 Natural sciences
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